Why the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool Would Be an Excellent Addition to Your Business

Why the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool Would Be an Excellent Addition to Your Business

If you run a dealership or auto workshop that services high-end exotic cars, you need the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool. Our vehicle diagnostics combine the perfect balance of service and software to help you diagnose many major luxury car brands, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. While the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool isn’t the only diagnostic tool on the market, it is the original. Read on to learn more about how it can help your business, and contact us if you’re interested in working together.


Makes the Workflow Easier

Our top-rated car scanner is well-known for its success in diagnosing high-end supercars and other European cars. It finds the problem fast, so you can quickly begin fixing it. This is incredibly time-saving for your dealership or workshop, and it allows you to take care of more customers as well.


Provides Accurate Results for Customers

When dealing with luxury vehicles from brands like Rolls Royce or Bugatti, you need the best car tools to satisfy and impress your customers. The Leonardo Diagnostic Tool is effective for providing accurate diagnostic results in real-time, so your customers can have all the information they need.


Comes With the Best Technical Support

Nicks Forza Ferrari is the only approved distributor of the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool in North America. When you work with us, we’re proud to offer unparalleled technical support online or via telephone whenever you need it. We can log into your car scanner remotely to assist, too.


We Specialize in Diagnostic Tools for Workshops and Dealership

The Leonardo Diagnostic Tool is the only tool you need to diagnose high-end exotic cars at your dealership or workshop. We want to ensure you understand its full potential, so we host two training sessions on the software per year. And because we’re committed to providing the best in diagnostics, you’ll always have access to our technical support team.

When servicing exotic cars at a dealership or workshop, you need high-end vehicle solutions you can trust. Shop the Leonardo Diagnostic Tool today, and let’s work together!