Ferrari / Maserati / Lamborghini customers know that if they are not going to the dealer they are going demand the best tool on the market for accurate dealer level data on their prized exotic car and will ask you.

Do you have a Leonardo?

What is your answer?

Can you afford to have those clients go to the dealer or another facility that uses a Leonardo.

Our diagnostic tool company is committed to providing our clients with the most up to date software. We also offer technical support both online or via telephone so that you always receive the help you need. We can log into your Leonardo Diagnostic Tool in real time for support as well. Your yearly subscription provides you with access to our leaders in high end exotic vehicle diagnostics. We provide training classes twice a year to help grow your business and to get dealer level training on these high end exotic automobiles.

Our car scanner software features true hardware with a 15 inch LCD touch screen and bluetooth interface

Our diagnostic car tool includes automatic search and diagnosis of all on board control units with a single button via OBD2

Our car diagnostic equipment  diagnoses via OBD, GFA, ISO 1 OR ISO 2 connections. The Leonardo Diagnostic Tool is ready to handle the day-to-day tasks for independent workshops or dealerships. Our auto scanner tools service Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini trade-in vehicles.

We’ve included the features of the Leonardo diagnostic tool on a Ferrari 458 as an example:

  • View engine parameters in real time! One button “Quick Test” Check components Activation, deactivation on Engine, gearbox components, cycle tests etc.
  • The ability to adapt and code control modules. Our automotive diagnostic tool  reads errors, deletes errors, and prints to a USB key.