Some Of Our Favorite Ferraris


Some Of Our Favorite Ferraris

One of the most famous race car brands is the Ferrari with its signature prancing horse emblem. Throughout the course of history, Ferraris have dominated countless races, and they are well-known for destroying the competition in Formula One races with the most winning drivers ever. Not only are these race cars powerful and fully functional, but they also are extremely stylish with their sleek aesthetic. Today, we would like to discuss some of the most beloved Ferrari models of all time:

1957 Ferrari 250 TR

This model Ferrari was based on the 250 line that dominated the Le Mans races in 1956, 1960, and 1961. This particular model was developed by the man considered to be the best coach builder in the company, Scaglietti. Scaglietti’s work can be seen in the design of the front fenders, which are separated from the bonnet. The wealthy elite love driving this model, which has a Formula One appearance. These beautiful, fast cars sell for millions at car auctions and remain one of the most sought-after Ferrari models of all time.

1957 Ferrari 250 GT California

In the late 1950s, this was a favorite convertible for the rich and famous. Not only was this car absolutely stunning in its appearance, but it was also fast and comfortable. This beauty featured a V12 engine with the capability to rev up to 280 hp, making this car very desired among collectors.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

From 1962 to 1964, only 39 models of this Ferrari 250 GTO were manufactured, making this one of the rarest Ferrari models in the world. Once again, Ferrari managed to produce a car that is as powerful as it is beautiful, and this model won three FIFA World Championships in a row. The beautiful design of this model was developed by Pininfarina, who was working under the direction of Scaglietti at the time. These rare cars can go for up to $31 million at private auctions.

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB

Designed by Pininfarina, this model was designed in an effort to upgrade the Berlinetta series of Ferrari GT. The reason that this model is important is because its creation resulted in a new type of super car that Ferrari became well-known for.

1987 Ferrari F40

Later in his life, Enzo Ferrari’s last wish was to manufacture the world’s best car, and this model was the last one developed in an effort to fulfill his dream. This powerful car features a tall spoiler that prevents the car from turning upwards when it hit its top speed of 196 mph.

2002 Ferrari Enzo

This model features a truly unique design with its traditional-style nose and gullwing doors. Not only is this car beautiful, it also features impressive carbon-ceramic composite disc brakes as well as a paddle-shift transmission.

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