1. Your Business And The Leonardo Diagnostic Tool

    When it comes to luxury vehicle diagnostic equipment for elite makes such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or others, we have the capability to formulate software packages for these brands, and more! Other makes include: Mercedes AMG Maybach Mini Porsche Rolls Royce Specifications And Features Our software is as innovative as it gets as well, no matter the …Read More

  2. Leonardo Diagnostic Tool: What Sets Us Apart

    At Leonardo Diagnostic Tool, we are proud to offer the original and premiere luxury car scanner on the market. We take pride in the fact that we not only offer cutting edge software to our clients from around the world, but we go above and beyond the call of duty in offering technical support in the way that best suits you. We will assist you with all of your diagnostic ca…Read More

  3. Some Of The Most Beloved Supercars

    Here at Leonardo Diagnostic Tool, we love everything involving supercars. We love the history of supercars, filled with drama and rivalry. Perhaps the most famous supercar rivalry is the one between Ferrari and Lamborghini. From the get go, the two companies were at odds with one another because Feruccio Lamborghini started his car line after being insulted by Enzo Ferrari…Read More

  4. Miles Davis And His Supercars

    Nine-time Grammy winner Miles Davis is without a doubt one of the most famous American jazz musicians of all time. This Julliard-trained trumpet player and band leader left his mark in the jazz world with his distinct style of performance. His albums skyrocketed him to fame and success, and with that success came abundance. A true supercar aficionado, Davis amassed a car c…Read More

  5. Feruccio Lamborghini

    April 16, 1916 marks an important day in the history of Italian race cars because it was the day that Ferruccio Lamborghini was born. His line of Italian cars are known for not only their sleek, stylish appearance but for their high-performance as well. With Lamborghinis, you get the best of both worlds: style and function. However, Lamborghini did not start off as a racec…Read More

  6. Interesting Supercar Facts

    At Leonardo Diagnostic Tool, we have a passion and a deep love for supercars and exotics. Our diagnostic car tool uses state-of-the-art technology to diagnose exotics such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Alfa Romeos, Maseratis and more. Although not all supercars are produced in Italy, the country is well-known for its high-end race cars. The Italian automobile industry began a…Read More

  7. Interesting Facts About Ferrari

    Desired by the wealthy elite and car collectors alike, Ferraris are some of the most sought-after racecars of all time. Not only are these cars absolutely stunning in their sleek, modern appearance, but they are extremely powerful and feature engines capable of hitting speeds that many of us could only hit in our dreams. Today, we would like to explore some interesting fac…Read More

  8. Some Of Our Favorite Ferraris

    One of the most famous race car brands is the Ferrari with its signature prancing horse emblem. Throughout the course of history, Ferraris have dominated countless races, and they are well-known for destroying the competition in Formula One races with the most winning drivers ever. Not only are these race cars powerful and fully functional, but they also are extremely styl…Read More

  9. Aston Martins In James Bond Movies

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past fifty or so years, you’ve probably watched a James Bond movie. Cult classics, these movies are renowned for their exotic locations, beautiful (and often doomed) leading ladies, black tie apparel, gadgets, and of course, their amazing cars. British secret service agent James Bond most often represents his country by dr…Read More

  10. A Peek Into The History Of Aston Martins

    Classy, sleek, and speedy, Aston Martins are best known for their frequent roles in James Bond movies. These beautiful exotics are over a hundred years old, with the first car being built in 1915. The first Aston Martin was a three-seater car car built prior to World War I, and was nicknamed the “Coal Scuttle.” A coal scuttle was a metal receptacle shaped similarly to …Read More